Hangar 1® Vodka Straight


Hangar 1® Straight Vodka is American Vodka distilled from grains & grapes. Fine grapes are blended with Midwestern grains to make a perfectly balanced straight vodka with a slightly fruity aroma and a light perfume on the finish. An exquisitely smooth vodka, Hangar 1® Straight Vodka has floral notes along with hints of honeysuckle and Asian pear. Hangar 1® was born in a repurposed WWII aircraft hangar on the Alameda Naval Air Station.

Tasting Notes

Color: Pure, crystal clear; leaves a thin, clear coat on the inside of the glass on swirling
Aroma: Wheat grain, slightly sweet
Flavor: Sweet, with plump, round taste; almost creamy texture
Finish: Faint fruitiness and a touch of sweetness; clean, crisp

ABV / Proof
40% / 80